Public Law: Legislature Enacts Law To Encourage Urban Farming, January 2014

Public Law: Ninth Circuit Upholds City Discretion Regarding Installation of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities on City Property, December 2013

Land Use: U.S. Supreme Court Expands Scrutiny Of Land-Use Permit Conditions., June 2013

Public Law: California Court Of Appeal Reaffirms Local Authority To Confiscate And Destroy Firearms Seized From Mentally Impaired Persons, May 2013

Public Law: California Court of Appeal Strictly Interprets Brown Act's Meeting Agenda Item Description Requirement, June 2013

Public Law: U.S. Supreme Court Will Decide Constitutionality of Prayer at Government Meetings, May 2013

Public Law: California Supreme Court Upholds Local Bans On Medical Marijuana Businesses, May 2013

Public Law: Ninth Circuit Upholds City Council Meeting Invocation Policy, April 2013

Public Law: Court Of Appeal Upholds Local Ban On Medical Marijuana Businesses, April 2013

Environmental Law: Supreme Court Rules No NPDES Permit Violation in L.A. County Stormwater Case, January 2013

Public Law: Ninth Circuit Raffirms Cities' Ability to Regulate Disruptive Speech at Public Meetings, September 2012

Public Law: Supreme Court Confirms Prevailing Wage Laws Are Not Mandatory For Charter Cities, July 2012

Litigation: Alameda County Defeats Gun Show Operator's Second Amendment Challenge to County Firearms Ordinance, June 2012

Litigation: California Supreme Court To Decide Whether Cities May Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, January 2012

Public Law: Reminder - Brown Act Amendment Requires Compensation Disclosure, January, 2012

Redevelopment: Supreme Court Upholds Dissolution Of Redevelopment Agencies, December, 2011

Public Works: New Law Limits Public Works Contract Retention to 5 Percent as of January 1, 2012, October, 2011

Redevelopment: RW&G Submits Amici Brief in California Supreme Court Redevelopment Case , October, 2011

Public Law: Denial of Church's Rezoning Application Violates RLUIPA, February, 2011

Public Law: In Memoriam, Glenn R. Watson, December, 2010

Public Law & Public Finance: RW&G Helping to Interpret Proposition 26, November, 2010

Environmental: City Barred from Recovering Environmental Costs Against Private Parties, August, 2010

Litigation: Today's Supreme Court Decision on Second Amendment Likely To Spawn Lawsuits Challenging Local Firearms Laws, June, 2010

Public Law: The Rules on Lobbying: What Every Local Official Should Know, January, 2010

Litigation: RW&G Obtains Gang Injunction For City of Monrovia, December, 2009

Litigation: Court Of Appeal Affirms Summary Adjudication In La Conchita Landslide Case, October, 2009

Telecommunications: Ninth Circuit Invalidates Denial of Wireless Permit, July, 2009

eDocument and Public Records: AB 5 Amends the Civil Discovery Act to Establish a Process for Electronic Discovery in State Court, July, 2009

Appellate Law: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Alameda County Ordinance Prohibiting Guns on County Property, April, 2009

Public Law: New Laws Help Municipalities Fight Metal Theft, October, 2008

Public Works & Public Law: New Law Significantly Expands the Authorized Use of Design-Build Contracts by Cities and Certain Qualified Entities, October, 2008

Telecommunications: Ninth Circuit Decision Allows for Local Zoning Control Over Wireless Telecommunication Facilities, September, 2008

Public Law and Climate Law: New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Law Requires Significant Changes to Local Planning Process and Imposes New Affordable Housing Mandates, September, 2008

Public Law: New Law Extends Expiration Dates of Tentative Maps By One Year, August, 2008

Public Law and Public Finance: Federal Foreclosure Bill Provides Funding For Local Assistance, July, 2008

Public Finance and Climate Change: AB 811 Allows Cities to Make Loans for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Improvements, July, 2008

Public Law and Labor and Employment: Court Avoids Deciding Whether City Council Members' Personal Emails are Subject to Public Records Act, July, 2008

Public Law and Labor and Employment: Ninth Circuit Decides Employees Have Privacy Rights in Content of Electronic Text Messages, July, 2008

Litigation: Supreme Court 2nd Amendment Decision May Implicate Local Gun Ordinances, July, 2008

Eminent Domain: Eminent Domain Reform Initiatives on 2008 June Ballot, February, 2008

Climate Change: SB 97 Requires Analysis of the Effects of Greenhouse Gases under CEQA, January, 2008

E-Documents and Public Records: Social Security Numbers to be Deleted from Public Records, January, 2008

Public Law: New Court Decision on Development Agreements, December, 2007

Litigation: County of Ventura Prevails in Landslide Litigation, October, 2007

Public Law: Wireless Providers Barred from Recovering Damages from Municipalities, September, 2007

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